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Do you want to learn windsurfing this summer vacation? At our shallow lake, we have our own little surfing beach, the perfect spot for windsurfing. Here, all our equipment is available, and we have a lovely spot for lunch and chilling. Whether you're stepping on a board for the first time or already an advanced surfer, we'll make sure you glide over the water like a true pro!

  • Windsurfing
  • Theory classes
  • Delicious food
  • Unforgettable evening games
  • Disco nights
  • Diploma
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What you need to know

What will you be doing during this Windsurf course?

The sailing school has the latest surfing material at their disposal so that you go surfing with the most suitable material. The surfing classes teach you the beach start, tacking, gyping and planing. There are wetsuits available for everybody. We would advise to bring your own surf shoes (or old trainers) and a warm sweater or windtight jacket.  

We start straight off on Sunday. You're divided in groups of 4 persons. Your instructor, whom you'll be staying with the entire week, will teach you the ropes of surfing in no time.   

On Friday there's a day's outing to a neighbouring village or we'll organise a rounding off match with lots of other boats. The instructors are standing in the water, are sailing along with you in motor boats and also on surf boards!

After this week it's hard to imagine that is was only Sunday that you were still wobbling on the board.... 


Where are you staying

Where will you be staying during the Windsurf course | sailing school Neptunus

The accommodation is truly special! The main building of the sailing school is housed in a former church. The church has been comfortably refurbished with a dining hall and kitchen for the evening meals on the first floor. The dorms all have 2, 3 or 4 bunkbeds, which means that you'll share the room with the kids of your age group. The older children sleep in ”Het Dorpshuis”, right across from the church. Are you coming with a friend and would you like to be in the same room? No problem! When you enrol you can indicate your wishes under particulars and we’ll take care of it.


What are we going to do

Introduction games Get to know your campmates through various mini-games. Introduction games More information
6-games Take up the challenge and try to beat the other teams in six games. 6-games More information
Crazy 88 Try with your group to perform as many crazy tasks as possible for the jury.<br /> Take up the challenge and try to beat the other teams in six games. Crazy 88 More information
Paddle race Race against the other teams in the rowing boat. Be careful not to get wet... Paddle race More information
Water Games Run as fast as possible through the soaking wet course! Water Games More information
Evening games Fun camp activities in the evening Evening games More information
Open Mic Night A smashing end of the week! The music turns on and the lemonade will flow! Open Mic Night More information
Windsurfing Lessons Learn how to windsurf on our own lake with adjacent beach! Windsurfing Lessons More information
Theory Lessons Learn step by step all the tricks of the trade. Theory Lessons More information
What is included

What's included during this sailing camp?


  • Your own sailing instructor per group
  • A delicious breakfast and dinner every day
  • A packed lunch with tasty and healthy snacks every day
  • Wetsuits, life jackets, and sailing equipment
  • Theory lessons about sailing
  • Diploma at the end of the week
  • Exciting evening programs

Not included:

  • Travel insurance
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Pocket money


What are the costs
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