Sport Camps

No summer break for you! At Summer Camps Holland you’ll be practising sports one whole week under the supervision of top trainers. Honing your technique and insight, keeping fit and finally mastering that little trick is your goal.

All Sports Camps take place at Markant Outdoorcentrum. It is home base where Summer Campers of different camps and ages eat and sleep together and where the various outdoor activities from the programme take place. In the town of Doetinchem at 15 minutes from the outdoorcentrum is the brand new top sportscentre with various halls and one great big arena. All facilities at the Outdoorcentrum and the top sportscentre together make this the perfect location to perform sports for all levels. The Sports Camps are for the various age groups from 10 through 16.

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The Outdoorcentrum is the starting point for all our Sports Camps. All the facilities that you can think of can be found at the Outdoorcentrum. In short, a location for youngsters where they can enjoy themselves to the fullest. The campfire is a prominent point of relaxation after a day of intensive sports training. And in case you don’t feel tired out yet, there’s plenty of time for a game of beach volleyball with your friends.

Group Accommodation & Group Campsite
Base Camp has two types of sleeping accommodation which are situated around the water. The group accommadation for the Summer Campers up to 12 years and the group campsite for the Summer Campers from 12 years and up. 
The group accommation is equipped with all the amenities. The building is round and built to ecological standards and has a lot of glass. There is a central area in the middle of the building featuring an open fireplace. The central area gives access to the dorm rooms with bunkbeds for six.

Markant Outdoorcentrum has its own campsite comprising three camping fields which are surrounded by shrubs and trees. The sites are equipped with excellent sanitary facilities.