Fun Camp


12 - 14 year 14 - 16 year

The name of this Camp says it all: it's time for FUN!  All sorts of active, entertaining and Fun activities are there to be enjoyed and shared with the campers of your age group! The Base Camp of the Outdoorcentrum borders on the recreational area of Stroombroek, an ideal spot for swimming, beach volleyball and chilling out.

  • Movie Park Germany
  • Archery Tag
  • Swimming pool
  • Bowling
  • Ghost walk
  • Dropping
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What you need to know

The highlight of fun this week is a day's visit to Movie Park Germany, the most unique film and theme park of Europe!  We’ve also planned a visit to the town of Doetinchem where you can shop and relax in any of the sidewalk cafes. 

There are lots of activities, such as a GPS discovery tour with lots of funny, challenging tasks. We've scheduled a trip to the subtropical swimming pool as well as a spectacular obstacles course. Your self-constructed rafts will be your only support for romping about on the water and then lie around in the grass and watch an exciting movie in our outdoor cinema. Will you then still dare to join us for the dropping expedition (you are dropped and need to find your way back) and the ghost tour?

Lots of fun, beach and cool camp activities are in the bag for you. You can relax for a week and choose from a range of fun activities: it's holiday time after all! At Summer Camps Holland you are sure to find an exciting activity every day!

Where are you staying

You stay in the group accommodation tents of Base Camp of Summer Camps Holland of Markant Outdoorcentrum in the village of Braamt. The camping site features one large central tent for socialising during the day and evening.This large activities tent is also used in inclement weather conditions. Naturally, the campfire is a standard feature for sharing the adventures of the day with the other Summer Campers of your age around the fire. At base camp breakfast, lunch (including packed lunches) and the evening meals are served from the restaurant facilities on the premises. Furthermore, the restaurant is frequently used for other occasions and activities as well, such as the fun and entertainment evening and movie night and is the place to meet the other members from the camps. Furthermore, the large premises of Markant Outdoorcentrum are the ideal location for many camp activities and exciting (evening) games.


What are we going to do

BBQ Barbecue at the and of the Summercamp. BBQ More information
Movie Park Germany A visit to the most unique film and entertainment park in Europe. With super fast roller coasters, shows and entertainment! Movie Park Germany More information
Hexathlon Teams compete against each other in various challenging sports and crazy games. Hexathlon More information
Raft Building Learn how to build your own raft with your campmates. After that you will test it on the water! Raft Building More information
Strum Climb up the tree and float down on a cable car! Strum More information
Survival Climb over obstacles, crawl under nets and take the rope bridge over the water. Survival More information
Canoe Trip Get in a canoe with your campmates and paddle from Sluis de Pol to de Bleek in Doetinchem. Canoe Trip More information
Ghost tour Shiver in the dark. With your group of you going on the road with a flashlight. Beware of the ghosts encounter along the way! Ghost tour More information
Movie Night Chill out and movie watching during the movie night. Cozy in our homemade outdoor movie theater. Movie Night More information
Archery Tag Archery Tag is a type of paintball but is played with bow and arrow. The arrows have a "soft point" in the form of a foam ball, so you can shoot at eachother without pain and bruising. Archery Tag More information
Climbing tower Lets see how good you can climb on our big climbing tower of up to 15 metres high! Climbing tower More information
Campfire Sing, tell stories and jokes. To sum up cosiness to the campfire! Campfire More information
Dropping Together with your camp and a crewmember get a blindfold on and your with a van somewhere dropped. Can you still find the way back to the camp? Dropping More information
Disco bowlen Be bowling. The disco lights make it extra fun! Disco bowlen More information
creative workshops Join several nice (creative) workshops organized by the Festival Camp crew! creative workshops More information
Archery Under the guidance of our instructor you are shooting the arrow in the middle of the bull's-eye! Archery More information
Swimming Pool Splashing around during the visit to a subtropical swimming pool. Swimming Pool More information
What is included


  • Summer Camps T-shirt
  • Lodging
  • Meals and snacks
  • Activities mentioned above
  • Transport by taxi bus to various programmes
  • Tour guides
  • Outdoor instructors

Not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Pocket money


What are the costs

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price 480,00