Crew Basic Training


16 - 18 year 16 - 19 year

Have you been a passionate camper in organised holidays in the last couple of years? Then you know that these weeks are always great fun. A reliable and passionate crew is responsible for turning a camp week into a great experience! Would you dare to take on this responsibility? If so, we like to invite you to our Crew Basic Training Camp. The whole week you will follow a training program, so that you can call yourself a full-fledged crew member after this week.

  • Organizing activities
  • Internship week
  • Group processes
  • Archery Tag
  • Mountainbiking
  • Quality & Safety
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What you need to know

You can't become a great Crew member overnight! You will follow a week's training so that you may call yourself an all-round crew member in future. Our training team is made up of teachers and instructors who have broad experience in training crew in an exciting way. There will also be guest speakers to explain the selection of leaders and the formation of teams. Issues such as group processes, cooperation, leadership, quality, safety, responsibility, activities and camping are dealt with.

The training is followed up on by varied and fun activities at the Outdoorcentrum such as climbing, mountain biking, chilling out on the beach and canoeing. Together with the basic training crew you stay overnight with the kids in the group accommodation building and from then on you may refer to yourself as taking part in 'crew life'!


After this week you'll do an internship week with one of our Summer Camps. You'll be appointed a supervisor for your training period from Markant Outdoorcentrum. Markant Outdoorcentrum is a registered training establishment. You are awarded a certificate after your successful completion of your training week. Crew Basic Training is an experience that you'll benefit from for a long time to come.

Are you between 17 and 20 years old and ambitious and passionate enough to be part of the crew team? Then enrol now for Crew Basic Training.

Internship week

The internship week will be planned in consultation after the booking. Contact us if you want to know more about the possibilities.

*Please note that a basic knowledge of the dutch language is required

Where are you staying

Group accommodation

You stay at the group accommodation building of Base Camp of Summer Camps Holland which is situated on the premises of Markant Outdoorcentrum in the village of Braamt. The group accommodation building is an exceptional building! It is an eco-friendly, round-shaped wooden building complete with a green roof and an open fireplace in the middle. The bedrooms have three bunkbeds each and are adjacent to the central area. Together with the other Summer Campers of your age you'll stay in the group accommodation building and you take part in the camp's activities, such as evening games, starting a campfire, a dropping (you are dropped somewhere and need to find your way back) and of course a fun and entertainment evening. At base camp breakfast, lunch and the evening meals will be served from the restaurant facilities on the premises as well as movie night and the party evening which also take place here. The restaurant, however, is frequently used for other occasions and activities as well, such as the fun and entertainment evening and movie night and is the place to meet the other members from the camps. Furthermore, the large premises of Markant Outdoorcentrum are the ideal location for many camp activities and exciting (evening) games.

What are we going to do

BBQ Barbecue at the and of the Summercamp. BBQ More information
Archery Tag Archery Tag is a type of paintball but is played with bow and arrow. The arrows have a "soft point" in the form of a foam ball, so you can shoot at eachother without pain and bruising. Archery Tag More information
Baker evening A smashing end of the week! The music turns on and the lemonade will flow! Baker evening More information
Archery Under the guidance of our instructor you are shooting the arrow in the middle of the bull's-eye! Archery More information
Dropping Together with your camp and a crewmember get a blindfold on and your with a van somewhere dropped. Can you still find the way back to the camp? Dropping More information
GPS tour Explore the terrain and the surrounding area of Markant Outdoorcentrum with GPS GPS tour More information
Campfire Sing, tell stories and jokes. To sum up cosiness to the campfire! Campfire More information
Climbing tower Lets see how good you can climb on our big climbing tower of up to 15 metres high! Climbing tower More information
Mountainbiken Mountain biking on a oasem MTB route in the Montferland Mountainbiken More information
Movie Night Chill out and movie watching during the movie night. Cozy in our homemade outdoor movie theater. Movie Night More information
Ghost tour Shiver in the dark. With your group of you going on the road with a flashlight. Beware of the ghosts encounter along the way! Ghost tour More information
What is included


  • Summer Camps T-shirt
  • Lodging
  • Meals and snacks
  • Activities as mentioned
  • Transport by taxi bus to various programmes
  • Outdoor instructors
  • 1 internship week
  • Courses mentioned above 
  • Training instructors 

Not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Pocket money
What are the costs

Age group

Period *

price 395,00