Animal Camp


8 - 10 year 10 - 12 year

Are you the adventure-minded type and nuts about animals? Then this animal camp is perfect for you! You'll be spending the week doing fun and interesting activities centred on the care of animals. The highlight of the week is a visit to the real jungle at Burgers’ Zoo in the town of Arnhem AND you will visit Apenheul where you can find all kinds of monkeys!

  • On an adventure in the Zoo
  • Monkey spotting in Apenheul
  • Riding in the horse carriage
  • Campfire
  • Ostrich farm
  • Beastly fun!
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What you need to know

To Apenheul during our Animal Camp

Walking through a forest full of stray monkeys, you don't want to miss that! A visit to Apenheul where the monkeys walk along the trees, bushes and visitors(!) is a really fun experience! With participating in the Animal Camp you also support the Apenheul Natuurfonds (ANF), a charity for monkeys and nature, and you will receive a original Apenheul cap in the monkey tracking package!

You'll be going on a World Nature Expedition at Burgers' Zoo and participate in a exiting quest in a canoe at Markant. You'll be standing eye-to-eye with a real ostrich at the ostrich farm and you'll be visiting an animal farm where ducks, chickens and even a boar are freely roaming about. Do you dare to pet all of the animals? You will take care of all of the animal that run around the grounds at Markant Outdoorcentrum. Ofcourse there is plenty of time left for even more adventures or to relax on the beach and around the campfire. 


Where are you staying

Animal camps | where will you be staying?

You'll stay at the group accommodation building of Summer Camps Holland which is situated on the premises of Markant Outdoorcentrum in the village of Braamt. The building is exceptional! It is an eco-friendly, round-shaped wooden building complete with a green roof and an open fireplace in the middle. The bedrooms have three bunkbeds each and are adjacent to the central area. Together with the other Summer Campers of your age you'll stay in the group accommodation building and you take part in the camp's activities, such as evening games, starting a campfire, a dropping (you are dropped somewhere and need to find your way back) and of course a fun and entertainment evening. All breakfast, lunch and evening meals will be served from the restaurant facilities on the premises. Furthermore, the large premises of Markant Outdoorcentrum is the ideal location for many camp activities and exciting (evening) games.

What are we going to do

Board games Party games will often be played in the moments of rest, so who would you like to challenge for a game of crazy8’s, pickomino or Ludo. Board games More information
Dropping Together with your camp and a crewmember get a blindfold on and your with a van somewhere dropped. Can you still find the way back to the camp? Dropping More information
Hexathlon Teams compete against each other in various challenging sports and crazy games. Hexathlon More information
Raft Building Learn how to build your own raft with your campmates. After that you will test it on the water! Raft Building More information
Apenheul Who doesn't like watching monkeys? In this beautiful park half of the monkeys run free! Before you know it, a monkey is sitting on your shoulder. Spot them all with the Apenheul monkey tracking package! Apenheul More information
Ostrich farm Come face to face with this special animals on the ostrich farm. They also do you dare to enter? Ostrich farm More information
Movie Night Chill out and movie watching during the movie night. Cozy in our homemade outdoor movie theater. Movie Night More information
Campfire Sing, tell stories and jokes. To sum up cosiness to the campfire! Campfire More information
GPS tour Explore the terrain and the surrounding area of Markant Outdoorcentrum with GPS GPS tour More information
Disco bowlen Be bowling. The disco lights make it extra fun! Disco bowlen More information
Living Stratego With two teams you will look for a suitable place to play this game on the outdoor terrain. Which teams will be first to capture the flag from the opponent? Living Stratego More information
Burgers Zoo Swim in 8 million liters of water, go on an adventure in the indoor jungle or admire the vultures in the desert! Burgers Zoo More information
Archery Under the guidance of our instructor you are shooting the arrow in the middle of the bull's-eye! Archery More information
Open Mic Night A smashing end of the week! The music turns on and the lemonade will flow! Open Mic Night More information
BBQ Barbecue at the and of the Summercamp. BBQ More information
Animalfan Gezellig de beestenboel die op het terrein van Markant rondloopt voeren Animalfan More information
join the farmer at the farm Make your food bucket and feed the cows in the barn? Together with a real farmer you'll learn everything about the farm and you get the change to help take care of the animals. join the farmer at the farm More information
Palenpa Palènpa is a unique way of building huts. Together with your camp mates you will build a beautiful fortress without sawing and carpentry! Palenpa More information
Roasting marshmallows No campfire is complete without the delicious smell of roasted marshmallows, pierce one on a stick and make sure they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. That will be a feast! Roasting marshmallows More information
Swimming Pool Splashing around during the visit to a subtropical swimming pool. Swimming Pool More information
What is included


  • Summer Camps T-shirt
  • Lodging
  • Meals and snacks
  • Activities as mentioned
  • Transport by taxi bus to various programmes
  • A fun team of camp counselors
  • Monkey tracking package!
  • Outdoor instructors
  • Theme workshops

Not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Pocket money
What are the costs

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price 595,00