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The Canoe Expedition Camp takes you on a 5-day journey on the river Lippe in Germany. This expedition is a true adventure for the exploring mind. The river has a constant current which propels you forward without having to paddle. Make sure you pack your bag well, because we not only pack your bag, but also the tents and the cooking gear in watertight barrels and store them into the boat.

  • Canoeing
  • Camping
  • Campfire
  • Cooking together
  • Swimming
  • Evening games
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What you need to know

Canoe expedtion camp | canoeing in a beautiful area

You're certain to find this camp very exciting. You are taught the most important canoe techniques on the pond at Markant Outdoorcentrum which will make you feel a lot more confident about your canoe skills. After that follows the briefing by the canoe instructor to prepare you for the canoe expedition. Early Monday morning we'll be on our way to the river Lippe, our starting point for the expedition. We cover the trip in mostly open canoes which allows us sufficient room to take the luggage on board.

The river Lippe is a perfect canoe river which is traversed by many a canoe lover. On the route along the banks there are a number of campsites where we can pitch our tents. We buy our food every day and cook on the burners that we bring along. In the evenings we make a campfire and have a good chat.

On Friday you'll be able to share your adventures with your canoeing friends and other campers at the Outdoorcentrum where we have a nice barbecue together. 

Where are you staying

Where will you be staying during this canoe camp?

During the canoe expedition you are staying overnight on camping spots along the water front. These are small camping sites and/or small, simple canoe camping spots. The facilities at these sites range from standard camping accommodation to very basic amenities. After we arrive at the campsite, we'll go shopping for our evening meal and snacks and the following morning's breakfast. The crew has a daily budget for the meals.

On friday the canoe expedition is back again at base camp where you'll stay in the group accommodation campsite of Markant Outdoorcentrum in group tents of 4 to no more than 8 persons with the other Summer Campers. Naturally, the campfire is a standard feature for sharing the adventures of the day with the other Summer Campers of your age. A great moment to share your canoe expedition adventures with everybody around the fire.

At base camp breakfast, lunch and the evening meals are served from the restaurant facilities on the premises as well as movie night and the party evening which also take place here.

What are we going to do

Board games Party games will often be played in the moments of rest, so who would you like to challenge for a game of crazy8’s, pickomino or Ludo. Board games More information
Roasting marshmallows No campfire is complete without the delicious smell of roasted marshmallows, pierce one on a stick and make sure they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. That will be a feast! Roasting marshmallows More information
BBQ Barbecue at the and of the Summercamp. BBQ More information
Canoe Expedition Canoe trip on the river Lippe in Germany. Your baggage, tents and cooking equipment all go into the canoe! Canoe Expedition More information
Camping Spend the night in the tent Camping More information
Campfire Sing, tell stories and jokes. To sum up cosiness to the campfire! Campfire More information
Canoe lessons Kanoles on the canoe pond at Markant Outdoorcentrum Canoe lessons More information
Making a fire The challenge is to make a fire with as few tools as possible Making a fire More information
Swimming Pool Splashing around during the visit to a subtropical swimming pool. Swimming Pool More information
What is included


  • Summer Camps T-shirt
  • Lodging
  • Meals and snacks
  • Activities mentioned
  • Transport by taxi bus 
  • Tour guides
  • Canoe instructors

Not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Pocket money
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price 585,00